Story time!

Hi! Hey! Hello! Oi!

I’m Angela, and I am so glad you’re here. I am the owner of COCOLAJU, a Sydney-based candle business that started in early 2021, right at the peak of pandemic craziness. 

Originally from Brazil, I have since found a home nestled between the beaches and the mountains of the Australian East Coast. For over seven years I have been lucky enough to fall in love with the stunning scenery all around the country, and now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  

Like many, the COVID situation completely transformed my life over the last few years. Before COCOLAJU, my partner and I ran a Personal Trainer business that was fuelled with the hustle mindset of ‘go go go’ and ‘always keep moving forward.

When the pandemic hit, we were forced to pivot, to slow down, and to start anew. It was a stressful time- one filled with anxiety and the never-ending questions of ‘what’s next,’ and, ‘what now?’ 

I knew I needed a change- to start something that would bring light and joy to the world when everything seemed so dark. 

COCOLAJU candles came to me at this time pivotal point in time when I was searching for light. 

The name is derived from coconuts, which is a homage to my Brazilian roots and my love for all things coconut, but it also holds a special piece of me inside of it too: LA for AngeLA, and JU for JUliana, who is my dearest friend and biggest supporter. 

With a new name that sparked joy again, I ventured to start COCOLAJU as a small COVID hobby, not realising that very quickly, my small hobby would transform into a business that filled a gaping hole inside of me. 

That’s why my scents are inspired by mindset vibes, moments and manifestations. I want to bring positivity back into the world, and help people spread this feeling throughout their homes at every possible moment.

I hand-pour every candle in my Sydney workshop using sustainable coconut and soy wax infused with essential oils. I pride myself on meticulous craftsmanship, ethical production, and accessible prices, and know that you will feel inspired to practice positivity with each and every product you receive.

When I am not hand-making your beautiful candles in the workshop, you’ll often find me relaxing at the beach with a good book and a cup of coffee, enjoying a bath with my favourite scents, wandering in nature and listening to the sounds of the world around me, or cuddling my three cats, Tiger, Panther and Luna.

I hope you’ll find a space for COCOLAJU in your home, and that you will help me spread the feeling of positivity and light back into the world again.